We are a Florida American Bully breeder who breeds with quality, structure, and health in mind. We occasionally have American Bully puppies for sale. There’s no doubt the puppy you receive from our kennel will meet or exceed your expectations. If you expect a bully, that is what you will be getting from us. We have the right blood to produce head size, bone, A+ temperament, function, health, and looks. What we deliver to our customers is a pup who is the complete package. We stand by our productions and we are very proud to be able to produce such a quality pup. Hence, we know you will be beyond satisfied with your new puppy from PNG Kennels.

Chocolate American Bully Puppies For Sale

About Our American Bully Puppies For Sale

When PNG Kennels has American Bully puppies for sale, they can be found on this page. In addition, to secure any Bully puppy we have available, we ask for a deposit. Under no circumstances will we reserve any of our available Bully pups without a deposit. We will never knowingly or willingly sell our puppies into homes where they will be used for illegal activities or unethical breeding practices. PNG Kennels reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone whom we don’t deem fit to own our dogs. Our puppies are produced for companionship, showing, and as family members. They should live a life comparable or better than they live with us on our farm. To inquire about any available American Bullies, please feel free to contact us.

Why Are Bullies So Expensive?

American Bully Puppies For Sale In FloridaThere is a lot more that goes into Bully breeding than some realize. I won’t mention the expense of high quality food, vaccines, vet checks, and other fees associating with just raising them. I will talk about expenses of the breeding itself. Because of the structure of the American Bully, many cannot breed naturally. Additionally, many times kennels will choose what is referred to “outside studs,” for breeding. Outside studs are stud dogs owned by other kennels. An outside stud is usually used to either introduce more blood or qualities, or because a kennel’s females may be too closely related to the stud dog for breeding. So when a stud is to be collected, the vet fees associated with the collection, the progesterone testing of the female (in order to pinpoint fertility and the right time to collect), and the AI (artificial insemination), and sometimes shipping of chilled semen really add up (three to 4 digit vet bills and shipping/container fees). In addition to those vet fees, x rays and ultrasounds will have to be performed at least twice during the pregnancy. The structure and large head of the American Bully also means the puppies in the womb will almost always have heads that are too large for a female to birth naturally. American Bully pregnancies frequently end in cesarean sections (c-section). This surgery is expensive, and can double or triple ($500 to $3,000) if a breeder does not schedule the surgery beforehand.

American Bully Puppy Registration

UKC ABKC AMerican Bully Puppies For SaleOur dogs are registered with UKC (United Kennel Club) and/or ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club). Upon pickup or delivery of your puppy, their registration papers will be available. Occasionally, we may have puppies that we are offering to pet homes only (not for breeding or showing). When we have puppies available to pet homes, their paperwork will not be available to the owner. However, we will provide proof of pedigree. Puppies that are available to pet homes only will be at a discounted rate. Additionally, we will always let you know ahead of purchase that paperwork and breeding rights are not available for this individual puppy.

Bully Breedings

If we don’t have any available puppies listed on this page, please visit our Breedings Page for a look at our current and planned breedings, along with availability, deposit prices, and puppy prices. Our spots fill fast, and deposits are first come, first serve on all of our breedings.

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