American Bully Breeders With Higher Standards

American Bully BreedersWe are a family owned and operated American Bully Breeders kennel. Our main objective is to not only raise a higher standard of American Bully, but also sound and show correct family pets. We focus on not only beautiful structured dogs, but intelligent, stable bullies with a temperament to match. All of our dogs are raised around children and other animals as well. Our Bullies are bred to a standard that includes health, function, good energy, an appealing structure. PNG Kennels is not a fly by night get rich quick business. Our dogs are our family. Therefore, we care about what kind of animal we put in your home. Not only are you getting a structurally correct, compact dog – but a family member that’s going to protect your loved ones. Our breedings are well thought out and planned far ahead of time. We carefully consider health, breed type, pedigree, genetics, & temperament, along with a structure that conforms to the Pocket and Exotic American Bully Standard in order to produce a high quality Bully. We breed dogs that compliment one another both structurally and genetically. This kind of planning allows us to produce the highest quality American Bully puppies available.

Social, Healthy Bullies

Tricolor American Bully BreedersOur Bully puppies are well socialized and we interact with them daily. They do not stay in a kennel and they are not overfed in order to make them obese and appear bulkier. Our puppies are thick and muscular due to genetics, high quality kibble at the appropriate amounts, and most of all proper breeding. As an American Bully breeder, we take great pride in what we produce. You will be very satisfied when choosing an American Bully puppy from PNG Kennels.

Not Your Average American Bully Breeders

Short stocky American Bully Breeders Pocket BullyIf you are looking for average dogs with below average quality, you are on the wrong website. Our dogs come from only the bulliest, stockiest, and gentle American Bully blood out there. At PNG Kennels, we take a lot of consideration into matching blood/pedigree, temperament, and most of all beautiful conformation and breed type. We go out of our way, taking careful consideration with each breeding pair. We aim to produce quality over quantity, always. We want our puppy owners to receive a puppy that is everything they expect it to be (and more).

American Bully Shipping (Pet Transport)

Are you interested in one of our Bullies, but you live outside of Florida? No problem. We will happily deliver your puppy to your door (or arrange delivery) for an added fee. There’s no need to limit your choices in puppies to your local area. We have delivered our puppies safely and in perfect health to owners all over the United States. Let us know your area and we will give you an estimate of your delivery fee. Remember, puppies cannot leave until they are health certified by our vet (no earlier than 8 weeks of age). You are also more than welcome to make the trip to our kennel and pick your puppy up in person.

Interested in An American Bully Puppy?

If you have any questions at all, or if you would like to place a deposit on one of our puppies or breedings, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have.

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